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Monday, September 25, 2006

Blowin' A Gale!!!
Well Saturday was a blast! Literally! The first mate Doug and I went out for a sail to explore the James River and after three hours of beating into a headwind against the current we finally made the James River. Shortly after setting a reefed main sail the old girl let go!!! That's right the "Freedom Row" finally lost her main. Well I've been talking about replacing it since I became the proud owner of the "Freedom Row" back in 1998. I just figured I would keep running it as long as I could. Well the time is come so if anyone is so inclined as to make contributions to the Main Sail Club it will secure you a place on board at least twice a year for the cruise of your choice. So send me a line and let me know how much you can contribute.

The Cap'n
6:55 pm edt

Monday, July 31, 2006

2006 Rebel Marine Crab Regatta!
What a day on the water!  A Grand and Glorious Day, A full crew consisting of members of Blackbeards Crew, my first mate Doug, and my son Jason on the video camera.  Blowin Bubbles attacks against the Bonnie Rover, the Norfolk Rebel, The Shanty, and Talisman.  Best Quote of the Day!  "Was that your Flagon Dude!" Mr. Steele
3:03 pm edt

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Great Day for a Sail!!!!
So the First Mate and me took the Freedom Row out for the best sail we've had since last season.  20-25 out of the SW made Little Bay fly by.  Out to the Hampton Roads Harbor around Fort Wool out into the Chesapeake Bay and East down Oceanview towards Little Creek.  Definitely no time wasted.  She ran great.  Still want to get a new Main that's more like full size.
4:27 pm edt

Wednesday, June 7, 2006

2006 Hampton Blackbeard Festival
I just got back and got settled down from the 2006 Hampton Blackbeard Festival. The Freedom Row was cleaned up and ready for the Trip. I took Decibel the Heavy Metal band from Virginia Beach on the trip across the Bay.
1:14 pm edt

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Beginning
So it has been a while since I started working on a web site for The "Freedom Row". She is a 1971 Columbia 34 MkII sailing sloop designed by William Tripp. I think I have finally gotten the site located where I want it and with as much of the information that I want to get started with.
10:24 am edt

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